A Design is Being Developed.

A Note on Design and Timing

The engraved bricks will be used on the hardscape for the renovated Soldier’s Square. Unfortunately, a design for the renovated plaza is not yet available. There are a number of stakeholders in the project including the City of Appleton. As soon as a plan is finalized and approved by all city departments we will gladly provide it here.

There is a possibility that the city will not approve any plan for the Soldier’s Square plaza by the time the Every Soldier’s Square project reaches its goal of 2500 bricks. If this is the case, the bricks will be used in another suitable, public location in the City of Appleton. Other possible locations include Veterans Park, the Memorial Drive median near “The Spirit of the American Doughboy” statue (a World War I monument), or in Appleton’s Memorial Park.

Please note: By donating for a brick, you agree that the brick can be used in one of these, or another, suitable public location if our goal is met. If our goal is not met, you will be notified and your donation will be refunded.